We have a retail store at “Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA SEPANG” in Malaysia.




Making strategy and tactics of overseas expansion and propulsion with you.
We can arranging the supporting plan with your needs (Ex. reporting overseas information and start a branch).


Searching market before overseas expansion (Ex. Local needs, Market Scale, Property) and make property marketing strategy.
we report a local products and service value and trends.


We support advertising of global market.
We use Pull strategy and push strategy to make effective advertisement by using retail store and web.
We also have media that to appeal Japanese culture and make fans of Japanese.
You can learn what foreigner’s feel when they come to Japan.

retail & E-commerce

We have retail shop[FAN JAPAN SHOP] at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang in Malaysia.
All products are “Made in Japan”. You can feel Japanese tradition and culture and taste with sprit of “OMOTENASHI”( Japanese Hospitality ).


We support OEM(original equipment manufacturing) for overseas expansion.
Using both branding strategy (Made in Japan and Make in local) will make double standard and makes your overseas expansion stronger.


We make strong brand in overseas and make Japanese fan community to support people visiting Japan.
We support not only tourism industry but also “OMOTENASHI” for foreigners visiting Japan.

JAKIM Halal Confectionery Manufacturing Business

We established the JAKIM Halal confectionary (sweets) factory in Malaysia, and under the theme of “Made By Japan, Made in Japan”, we are engaged in the manufacturing business of various confectionaries and pastries to transmit Japanese craftsmanship to the world, especially the Islamic market, based in Southeast Asia.
We support the overseas development of Japanese brands through contract manufacturing (OEM), rooted in overseas markets.